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At A Glance


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/ Our Purpose

Local General Contractor, Worldwide Concrete Repair Specialist


/ Our projects

With technology and creativity, we'll take care of your every need


Repair and reinforcement of concrete structures

We carry out repair and reinforcement work for civil engineering infrastructure and concrete stuructures. Our strength lies in the wide variety of projects that we can handle. We are also a member of several repair and reinforcement research organizations and have a nationwide network.


Investigation and Diagnosis of Concrete Defects

We use non-destructive testing equipment and micro-destructive testing equipment to investigate and diagnose deformations of concrete structures (initial defects, age-related deterioration, structural deformations). We conduct multifaceted analyses and diagnoses with the most advanced equipment in the industry.


Special construction for bridges, tunnels, dams, etc.

Crack repair, cross-sectional repair (plastering, filling, dry and wet spraying), surface protection (coating, impregnation), float repair, water leak repair, cavity repair (cement, urethane foam), bridge joint (buried, steel) replacement, painting, spall prevention, thickening and winding, water sealing, water leading, joint repair, etc. 


Repair Technology R&D 

We have obtained patents for our repair equipment in Japan, the US, Brazil, and Indonesia. We have obtained trademarks for our Adjustable Pressure Injection System SAPIS and SIMMS in Japan, the United States, Brazil, and Indonesia. We handle R&D on our own, as well as through joint development with major companies, manufacturers, and universities.


Sales and Development of Unmanned Vehicles for Industrial Application

We use EAMS ROBOTICS products for our own projects. We conduct the EAMS Drone School (surveying, surveying, commercial photography, pesticide spraying) and the Tono Drone School of the Japan Drone Aerial Photography Association. We also provide contracted services such as surveying, measuring, high-resolution photography, and pesticide spraying using aerial photography, as well as precise agricultural support.


Construction Contracting

As a general contractor, we undertake public and private construction projects in civil engineering, paving, construction, water supply and sewage. We also specialize in repairing and reinforcing infrastructure and public facilities such as bridges, tunnels, and dams.


Overseas Business

Our primary overseas business is conducted in the U.S., Brazil, and Indonesia, where we are furthering the reach of our intellectual property, and we are also participating in JICA and JETRO projects to promote overseas business from various angles.


Water Jet Construction

We use German-made ultra-high pressure water technology (water jet: WJ) with different discharge pressures as fits the construction application. Many types of attachments are available, and hot water utilization is also possible, ensuring the highest quality application.  




/ Tech・Services


Providing Technology and Services with our intellectual property as a base.


/ From Sakaegumi to you






/ Contact

Use the link to the right to get in touch with us! We'd love to hear from you!