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About Sakaegumi

An Introduction

To become a company sought after by all

Our affairs are supported by many people and organizations.
Our goal is to do all that we can to ensure their satisfaction.
Our aim is to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by solving problems with our technological capabilities. We also take pride in our construction, by which we design living spaces, and we pledge do what we can to contribute to our community's development.

Sasaki Takahiko
Board of Directors, Chairman

Our History

Developing Innovation

October 1955

Sasaki Eikichi founded Sasaki Corporation (October 3)

October 1955

Obtained construction business license (October 6)

January 1974

Established as Sakaegumi Corporation (January 7)

September 1988

Sasaki Yasumi appointed as Representative Director

September 1995

Relocated Head Office

January, 1998

Increased capital to 50,000,000¥

July, 2003

New Business Promotion Team established

November, 2005

Environmental System Department established

December, 2005

Management Innovation Plan approved by the Governor of Iwate Prefecture

February, 2006

Received the Construction Industry's New Field Advancement Awards- Encouragement Award, 2006

May, 2007

Grout Division established

May, 2007

Obtained patent

November, 2007

Awarded the Construction Industry's New Field Advancement Encouragement Award, 2007

May, 2008

Registered proprietary design

June, 2008

Patent obtained

December, 2008

Awarded 4th Iwate Business Excellence Prize

December, 2008

Awarded Iwate Prefecture's Excellent Construction Award

February, 2009

Awarded the Construction Industry New Field Advancement Awards 2007- Excellence Prize

December, 2009

Patented concrete repair technology registered in Iwate Prefecture

December, 2009

Awarded Iwate Prefecture's Excellent Construction Award

March 2011

Patented concrete repair technology registered as a new technology in Yokohama City

April 2011

Sasaki Takahiko appointed as Representative Director

April 2011

Registered 2 concrete repair technologies to NETIS

Feb. 2012

Patented concrete repair technology registered in Chiba Prefecture

Mar. 2012

Patented concrete repair technology registered with Tokyo Metropolitan Government

May 2012

Grouting Division reorganized into Concrete Repair Division

December 2012

Received Iwate Prefecture's Excellent Construction Award

May, 2013

Reorganized the Grout Division into the Concrete Repair Division

June, 2014

Obtained patent

September, 2014

Selected as a step-up support business by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

December, 2014

Business Innovation Plan approved by Governor of Iwate Prefecture

February, 2015

Awarded the highest prize in the 2014 Construction Industry Advancement into New Fields

June, 2015

Selected for Iwate Hope Fund Project

August, 2015

Two patented repair technologies registered in Hyogo Prefecture

November, 2015

Approved for Manufacturing subsidy

November, 2015

Began Waterjet Business

December, 2015

Received the Iwate Prefecture Excellent Construction Award

May, 2016

Reorganized Concrete Repair Division into Concrete Division

June, 2016

Approved for Iwate Hope Fund project

June, 2016

Approved for Manufacturing subsidy

October, 2016

Overseas patent applications filed (USA, Brazil, Indonesia)

February, 2017

Received the highest award for the 2017 Construction Industry's Advancement into New Fields

May, 2017

Tono Drone School opened

May, 2017

Established the Adjustable Pressure Injection Technology Research Group

June, 2017

Selected as a member of JICA research team for cooperation between Latin American and Japanese communities

September, 2017

Morioka sales office opened

November, 2017

Received Tohoku Regional Commendation for Invention- Invention Encouragement Award

December, 2017

Signed an agreement with Tono City regarding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to gather information in the event of a disaster

December, 2017

Selected as a candidate for JICA's "FY 2017 2nd Support Project for Overseas Expansion of Small and Medium Enterprises" - Basic Research

December, 2017

Selected as a "Regional Future Driving Company"

February, 2018

Selected as a recipient of the Iwate Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Council (Liaison-I)- R&D commercialization grant

February, 2018

Awarded Grand Prize in Management Innovation, Iwate Business Innovation Awards 2009

June, 2018

Approved for the 1st Iwate Hope Support Fund Project

June, 2018

Approved for IT subsidy

December, 2018

First installation of SAPIS in Brazil

February, 2019

First technical certification review in Indonesia

June, 2019

Approved for IT subsidy

June, 2019

Chosen for the 3rd Iwate Hope Support Fund Project

July, 2019

Business partnership formed with Eames Robotics Inc.

August, 2019

Chosen for JICA's "FY 2019 1st Support Project for Overseas Development of Small and Medium Enterprises - Investigation of Project Formation"

August 2019

Second technical certification review in the Republic of Indonesia.

October 2019

Approved for Manufacturing subsidy

January 2020

First crack injection work performed on heavily used expressway in Jakarta, Indonesia

February 2020

Management innovation plan approved by the governor of Iwate Prefecture (for the third time)

April 2020

Approved for manufacturing subsidy

May 2020

Chosen for a companionship support project by JETRO advanced foreign national HR promotion coordinator

June 2020

Chosen for the 5th Iwate Hope Support Fund Project

July 2020

Sasaki Yoshihiro became Representative Director

Organizational Chart

See the chart below to understand how all of our teams work together to make Sakaegumi the best of the best
Continue reading to see what kinds of certifications and titles our employees hold. Note that we are composed of only 44 total employees, our members truly are very skilled in a variety of disciplines

Ph.D. (Engineering)
Bachelor of Engineering
1st Class Civil Construction Management Technician
Level 2 Civil Construction Management Tech.
Level 2 Construction Machinery Construction Tech.
Construction Management Tech.
Level 2 Construction Management Tech.
Pavement Construction Management Tech. Level 1
Pavement Construction Management Tech. Level 2
Construction Management Tech. Level 1
Construction Management Tech. Level 2
Grade 2 Construction Engineer
Drone Aerial Photography Certification Level 1

Titles Held
Tank Cleaning Equipment Tech.
Water Supply Plant Lead Tech.

Drainage Plant Tech.
Quarry Manager
Industrial Contractor
Agricultural Water Facilities Repair QC Mgr.
Continuous Fiber Construction Mgr.
Construction Diagnostic Tech.
Post-installation anchor technology Mgr.
Infrastructure Surveyor
Assistant Road Bridge Insp.
Class 2 Biotope Planning Mgr.
Class 2 Biotope Construction Mgr.
APIS Tech.
Injection Gun Tech.
Industrial Multirotor Op.
Drone Aerial Photography Cert. Master Certified Instr.
Chief Concrete Crusher Op.
Chief of Earth Excavation and Earth Retaining Work
Chief Engineer for Assembly of Formwork Support Works
Chief Engineer for Scaffolding Assembly
Chief Engineer for Steel frame Assembly of Buildings, etc.

Chief Engineer for Demolition of Concrete Structures
Concrete Bridge Erection Work Chief
Lead Worker in charge of Specified Chemical Substances and Four-Alkyl Lead, etc.
Lead Operation Chief
Organic Solvent Operation Chief
Asbestos Removal Chief
Oxygen Depletion Hazard Work Chief
Oxygen Depletion and Hydrogen Sulfide Hazard Work Chief
Small Mobile Crane Op.
Forklift Op.
Shovel Loader Op.
Vehicle-based Construction Equipment Op. (clearing, transporting, loading, and excavation)
Demolitions Technician and Equip. Op.
Foundation Laying Technician and Equip. Op.
Earth Mover Op.
Forklift Op.
Snow Removal Tech.
Arc and Gas Welder

Our Workplace

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Iwate-ken, Tono-shi, Kamigo-cho, Itazawa 9-19-1
TEL:0198-65-3032 FAX:0198-65-3324

Morioka Sales Office

Iwate-ken, Morioka-shi, Teshiromori 14-16-118
TEL:019-601-2751 FAX:019-601-2752