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The Office We Strive For

「We are a select few, and we acheive a good work-life balance by working hard and resting well」

 Everyone at our company works toward this goal. As a part of being in the construction business, we do have "busy seasons" and "slow seasons" , but we use all of our time to build up our skills. This way, whenever there is need of a "Jack of all trades", a "Specialist" or a "Master", we can be the select few to rise to any occasion. 


 Below, you'll find testamonials from a few of our employees:



A Day at Sakaegumi

Our working system is 2 days of holiday every week (Saturday, Sunday). There are many projects conducted outdoors, so working hours change with the seasons.



 We povide unique, best-in-class support for our employees

First, we support our employees in their acquisition of skills and qualificaitons.
Second, we encourage open communication. Our goal is to foster free, open communication amongst team members. With enough members present, we can make provisions for any kind of communication facilitating events. We can provide financial assistance for parties, fishing trips, bike tours, or anything to deepen our members' communication and teamwork.
Third, we support our employees' community involvement. From volunteer firefighting to sports clubs and cultural events, we both enable and encourage our employees to engage with the local community whenever possible. 


1. Certification Acquisition and Renewal Support

We actively support our employees who strive to acheive their goals and hone their skills via certifications. We also encourage our members to keep their certifications current, and we facilitate studies for and acquisition of up-to-date certifications.

2. Communication Facilitation Support

We strive to create an environment where employees can freely and openly communicate with each other. With that goal in mind, we make special allotments for any activities that strengthen team work and deepen the channels of communication within and throughout our workplace.

3. Community Involvement Support

We encourage our employees to be active members of the community, and so we make arrangements for our members who do want to participate in community events whenever the opportunity arises.