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Civil Engineering

Roadway Construction/Roadway Maintenace/Roadway Reinforcement/Roadway Repair/Trail Creation (i.e. Hiking)/Retaining Wall Reinforcement/Retaining Wall Maintenance/Steel Bar Construction/Drainage & Sewage/Demolition/Embankment Related Construction/Landscaping/Greening/Roadside Tree-Planting/Park Installations/Masonry/Pipe-Laying/Water Supply Line-Laying/Bridge Pillar Construction/Bridge Assembly/Bridge Construction


Paving/Pavement Repair/Roadway Maintenance/Paved Path Repair/External Reinforcement/Exterior Construction/ Carports


Civil Construction/Residential Construction/Building Renovation/Extensive Repairs/Refurbishment/Residential Plumbing/Demolition/Painting/Waterproofing


Pipe Laying/Pipe Repair/Water Supply & Drainage Construction/Air Conditioning Installation

Exercise/Sports Facilities

Field Construction/Artificial Grass Installation/Gymnasium & Facility Construction/Gymnasium & Facility Repair/Waterproofing


3D Laser Scanner Surveying/UAV Surveying/Exterior Examination/Corrosion Examination


Repair/Reinforcement Examples

Civil Structure Repair  

Residential Structure Repairs  

Asphalt Paving and Repair 

Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete Float Repair

Leakage Repair

Wet Cement Application

Dry Applied Cement Reincforcement
Shotcrete Application

Steel Sheet Adhesion Construction
Fiber Sheet Adhesion Construction

Water Jet Application Examples

Concrete Structure Shaping


Paint/Corrosion Removal


Concrete Removal



20191115_sapis_vacuum_english.png 20191115_sapis_nozzle_english.png 20191115_sapis_workflow_english.png img20200703085323392299.png

Patented Technology: SAPIS

   Read More

Construction Management System for Extended Longevity: SIMMS 


Collaborative Research

Listed here are a few of the individuals and instititutions with whom we are currently collaborating on research and development projects

 ・Iwate University's Engineering Dept. : Assoc. Prof. Saito Misugu
 ・Showa Denko: Fusion Technology Research Lab  Read Article
 ・EAMS Robotics



Middle School Work Experience

High School Job Shadowing

University・Overseas Internships

International Support