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65 years of progress, progress that never ends


We at Sakaegumi have been engaged in civil engineering, construction, and pavement work since 1955. In 1975, we were the first in the region to produce asphalt, contributing to the spread of paved roads. From 2007, we began developing concrete crack repair technology, focusing on concrete crack injection, and have been working to prolong the lifespan of concrete structures through our SAPIS and SIMMS technologies. Our technology and methods encompass every step of the repair process, from investigation and diagnosis, to section repair, reinforcement work, and post-work evaluation.

We provide a wide variety of services across an array of disciplines. Our services range from standard construction work to damage investigation and diagnosis with planning, design, and implementation of repair and reinforcement work for concrete structures. We also lease our patented construction methods and technologies. We handle construction via water jet, repair equipment R&D, and we develop and spread UAV and USV technology. We also import and sell an array of repair materials, examine construction materials (aggregates and soil), and perform sales and maintainence of environmental equipment.

In Brazil and Indonesia, the professionals at Sakaegumi provide repair and reinforcement technology for vital concrete structures. To reduce infrastructure life cycle costs, the importance of preventive maintenance is now recognized globally, with efforts shifting from corrective to preventive maintenance by technological means.

Sakaegumi's SAPIS crack repair technology is highly valued both in Japan and overseas, attracting public and private sector attention in Brazil and Indonesia.

We at Sakaegumi provide a comprehensive solution service for concrete structures, as well as maintain and extend the service life of infrastructure. We do this by developing and utilizing our proprietary construction and repair system that unifies the management of four processes:
(i) Repairing cracks and deteriorated parts of concrete structures using our Adjustable Pressure Injection System,
(ii) Investigating and evaluating multilayered deterioration with various non-destructive inspection machines and other equipment,
(iii) Cleaning and treating degraded areas using ultra-high pressure Water Jet technology prior to repair and reinforcement, without causing damage to otherwise healthy areas,
(iv) Performing property recovery evaluation upon completion of repairs and reinforcement.

Modern concrete fissure repair technologies include methods such as coating, injection, and filling. Currently, the mainstream method is the injection method, wherein repair materials are poured into cracks to close them. However, insufficient injection of repair materials and/or adhesion failure frequently results in re-deterioration shortly after repair, and is an ongoing issue within the industry.
Sakaegumi's Adjustable Pressure Injection System (SAPIS) was internally developed by Sakaegumi engineers to overcome these specific problems. It is made of two distinct application systems : Vacuum Adsorption Type Adjustable Pressure Injection and Nozzle Type Adjustable Pressure Injection. The distinction between these systems comes from how the repair materials are injected, whether it be from the structure's surface or from inside.

Sakaegumi's Adjustable Pressure Injection System (SAPIS) makes it possible to properly inject a wide range of both organic and inorganic crack repair materials from the depths of a crack to its surface, all acheived by adjusting the injection pressure throughout the injection process.

Sakaegumi's Infrastructure Maintenance Management System (SIMMS) synergizes every step of the repair process from investigation and diagnosis, section repair, combined repair and reinforcement work to post-work assessment. 

Sakaegumi's Adjustable Pressure Injection System (SAPIS)

is a breakthrough injection method for concrete crack repair, employing excellent injection technology, adaptability and economic efficiency.

SAPIS Features

(1) Technological features

The primary features of the Adjustable Pressure Injection System (both Vacuum Absorption Type and Nozzle Type) are as follows:

- The injection pressure can be freely adjusted according to the injection conditions. As such, injection performance is enhanced over existing methods as it can be injected from the deepest parts of the crack to the surface.

- An array of repair materials ranging from organic to inorganic types can be injected regardless of the target. A high degree of repair efficacy can be expected even if various materials with different repair effects are injected continuously.

- SAPIS allows for re-use of infusion devices without any adhesive curing on the device, itself. This is essentially a necessary waste using existing methods, but SAPIS technology entirely avoids this problem. Our new methods reduce infusion material cost and volume, simultaneously alleviating environmental burdens via waste reduction.

These three points are the highlights of SAPIS technology, but there is much more to be offered. Since waterproof materials can be added in the event that water-leaking cracks appear, caulking effects can be seamlessly integrated during repair. This effect is not easily acheived through current methods. Furthermore, since no adhesive is required and the concrete frame is not compromized, our new methods allow for more aesthetically superior repairs.

(2) Specifications and prices

The specifications and prices of both our Vacuum Adsorption Type and Nozzle Type Adjustable Pressure Injection Systems are written below.

Repair and construction costs are calculated based on 50m of construction. The total cost of labor, material, equipment, etc. is approximately ~9,000 JPY per meter for the Vacuum Adsorption Type, and ~12,000 JPY per meter for the Nozzle Type Adjustable Pressure Injection System.

In addition to SAPIS's outstanding performance over existing technologies, the quality of our repairs is improved by Sakaegumi's management standards, which stand above those not generally established in Japan.


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