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Enacted: April 1st, 2020

The action plans written here are taken in accordance with the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children and the Act on Advancement of Women's Activities in order to create an employment environment in which employees can acheive harmony in their work and life.

1.Three Part Plan: Five years from April 1st, 2020 to March 31st, 2025 

2.Goals and Strategies


Prepare Environment that Supports Balanced Work and Family Life for Pregnant Employees and Employees Raising Children


Goal: Encourage fathers to take leave at the time of their child's birth

April 2020- Conduct an internal survey regarding leave taken by fathers at the time of their children's births to identify needs.
April 2021- Establish an improved leave system to accommodate fathers at the time of the births of their children, and make the system known to employees.

Goal: Implement measures to enable workers to secure time for childcare, including implementation of shorter working hours and flextime systems.

April 2020- Conduct an interview survey with employees to understand their needs.
April 2022- Implement the system on a trial basis and clarify issues.
April 2023- Establish the improved system and ensure that all employees are aware.

Goal: Implement measures to provide leave for child nursing care

April 2020- As part of the family nursing care leave system, leave for the purpose of caring for the following family members living together will be approved as special leave.

  1. Caring for a child or elderly person in the case of sudden illness,
  2. Caring for a child or elderly person in the case of regular medical examination and treatment.
Details will be in accordance with the attached internal regulations.

 Diversify Working Conditions based on Varied Working Styles 


Goal: Reduce overtime work through the introduction and expansion of no-overtime days and other measures, and raise awareness of said measures within the company

April 2020- Identify internal issues related to introduction of no-overtime days.
April 2021- Introduction of no-overtime day system.
April 2020- Strengthen internal awareness- promoting activities to facilitate reduction of overtime work.

Goal: Promote use of annual paid leave

April 2020- Increase the annual paid leave utilization rate by at least 1% compared to the previous year.
April 2021- Strengthen coordination between relevant departments to enable employees to take paid leave consecutively.

Community Involvement and Child/Young Adult Engagement


Goal: Conduct community contribution activities related to children and child-raising, including support for workers' active participation in community-wide child centered activities

April 2021- Expansion of leave for community contribution.
April 2022- Revision of the leave system regarding community contribution.

Goal: Promote stable employment for young people through internships and trial employment

April 2020- Actively utilize external training systems for new employees.
April 2021- Expand internship system to include foreign nationals, promote trial employment for mid-career hires.
April 2023- Promote trial employment of foreign nationals.