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Through a partnership with EAMS Robotics, we utilize EAMS UAV and USV technology. We also support the introduction of UAV surveying and provide training in pesticide spraying via UAV and USV technology.
Together with EAMS Robotics, we at Sakaegumi are furthering research and devolopment of unmanned vehicles in response to unprecedented demand from our clients.

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UAV Aerosprayer AS5Ⅱ

An unmanned agricultural chemical spraying machine that brings together the wisdom of EAMS.

Pesticide Spraying (liquid, granular both supported)
◎ Fully automatic navigation and spray control are standard, as well as automatic take-off and landing. Compact and lightweight, it is maneuverable in narrow spaces and flies stably with a high-precision laser rangefinder. AS5 II accurately recognizes the terrain and maintains a constant distance from crops. It changes flight height according to the rise and fall of the ground below and assists the pilot in maneuvering.

◎ The canopy shape has been improved by mounting the battery on top for smooth battery replacement. No troublesome tools are required for installation and operation.
◎ There are three spraying modes: a spraying mode suitable for regular liquid or 1kg of granules, a rotating spraying mode dedicated to powdered pesticide, and a local spraying mode done by remote sensing.

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UAV E-470SU1

Surveying/Photography (Business use)

◎ Equipped with both the latest Pixhawk2 flight controller and Here GNSS antenna, this i-Construction compatible UAV brings together the highest levels of technology in Japan. Sporting the Pixhawk2 and Here GNSS, it is designed to be shockproof and safe, and is easy to handle and maintain. In addition, the brushless camera gimbal allows for high-precision photography.
◎ Flight plans can be saved to any PC. Safety measures such as Geo Fence and fail-safe functions are also available. Flight logs can be extracted and analyzed with ease and precision.
◎ The industry's first AMIMON CONNEX Industrial. The high-definition video wireless transmission unit enables stable video transmission of up to 1,000m without delay. The transmission frequency uses the 5GHz band, so it can be used without worrying about interference with communication devices in the 2.4GHz ISM band.

zr6-2.jpg zr6-4.jpg zr6-1.jpg zr6-3.jpg

USV ZR-6(Aquatic type)

Pesticide spraying and water quality management agent application

◎ This boat can be used for paddy field control (laying of flow-able agents) and applying surface chemical drops. It takes about 1 minute to spray about 20a.
◎ Gyroscopic controls make operation easy for anyone, and it's completely batery powerd so there's no need to mainain an engine.
◎ No license or application is required to use this product.
◎ Excellent handling performance means that turns are easy to do, even at full throttle. The ZR-6 is capable of effective application all the way to the water's edge.
◎ The FRP body is compact and lightweight, making it efforlessly maneuverable. The unique hull shape is designed to be resistant to swaying and to be unaffected by crosswinds.
◎ The entire unit can be washed with water. All onboard modules, including the main power switch, are waterproof and dustproof.

We take great pride in providing concrete repair materials with excellent performance.

Product Name (Manufacturer)

High Permeability Concrete Modifier RIVACON Liquid(RIVACONTEC Corporation)

Lithium silicate surface impregnation material, silane mixture type「Concrete Keeper」(DTF Co., Ltd.)

Modified epoxy resin crack injector 「Lipoxy」(Showa Denko K.K.)