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Our operations at Sakaegumi are supported by many wonderful people and businesses. We at Sakaegumi strive to realize those ways through which we can best satisfy the needs of our clients.
In so doing, we will advance our technologies, meet various needs, and contribute to the development of a more sustainable society.


Yoshihiro Sasaki

President, Representative Director

Sasaki Yoshihiro
President, Rep. Director

At a Glance

Corporate Name

Sakaegumi Corporation


Yoshihiro Sasaki

Corporate Headquarters

Iwate-ken, Tono-shi, Kimago-cho, Itazawa 9-19-1
Phone:0198-65-3032 Fax:0198-65-3324


50,000,000 yen


October 1955

Settlement Term



44 employees (as of April 1st, 2021)

Sales Amount

About \ 1,100,000,000 (US$ 10,500,000)

Intellectual Property

10 Patents (Japan, Usa, Brazil and Indonesia)

IP Business

Adjustable Pressure Injection System

Description of Business

Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Repair and Reinforcing Services



Company Profile



SAKAEGUMI Corporation


October 6th, 1955


January7th, 1974


〒028-0776 Iwate-ken, Tono-shi, Kamigo-cho, Itazawa 9-19-1
Phone: 0198-65-3032   Fax : 0198-65-3324

Sales Office

〒020-0401 Iwate-ken, Morioka-shi, Teshiromori 14-16-118
Phone: 019-601-2751   Fax : 019-601-2752


$460,000 (50,000,000¥)


President/ Rep. Director                       Sasaki Yoshihiro
Board of Directors, Chairman               Sasaki Takahiko
Board of Directors Advisor                  Sasaki Yasumi
Executive                                            Yoshida Satoru
Executive                                            Hayashizaki Seigo
Executive                                            Oikawa Masayoshi


44 Total Employees(As of April 1st, 2021)


岩手県知事許可( 特-1) 第1808 号
 土木・建築・ 舗装・塗装・鋼構造物・水道施設・とび土工・コンクリート・管・塗装・防水工事業
岩手県知事許可( 般-1) 第1808 号

Permit Reception

October 6th, 1955


JQA-QM9187(ISO 9001:2008)

Provided Services

Construction (Civil, Residential, Paving) Contracting (i.e. General Contracting)
Concrete Structure Corrosion/Damage Diagnostics and Analysis
Repair & Reinforcement Design, Planning, and Construction
Patent leasing
WJ Construction
Repair Equipment Research and Development
UAV Research and Development
Drone School (i.e. Workshops)
Construction Materials (Aggregate, Soil) Examination
Enviornmental Equipment Sales & Maintenance


Iwate Bank, Tono・North Japan Bank, Tono・Tohoku Bank, Tono

Intellectual Property

Patents:6・ Design:1・ Pending:6件 (Japan, America, Brazil, Indonesia)


Association of Iwate General Contractors, Tono Contractors Organization, Tono Tourism Association, APIS Research Lab (Exec. Office), Japan Livacon Association, Naoshi Tar Research Organization, Polyurethane Foam Injection Research Association, DFT Joint Research Panel, ※(Public Interest) Society of Civil Engineers, ※(Public Corporation)Japan Concrete Society, ※ Japan Architectural Society, ※Tourism City Creation Society 

※:Individual Membership

Technological Registration

NETIS, Tokyo, Chiba, Iwate, Hyogo, Yokohama

Our Philosophy

1. Employee Development

2. Community Contribution

3. Reliable Management

Our Mission

1. To promote the material and intellectual well-being of all employees, and to contribute to the development of society by cultivating excellent personnel.

2. To pursue technologies and services that satisfy our clients and develop initiatives that contribute to the local community.

3. To provide good products, secure steady profits, and maintain a stable business.

Guiding Ideals

 Quality Assurance

  We provide products and services that give customers a sense of unwavering satisfaction, from sale to after-sales service, so that clients can place thier orders with confidence and trust. To this end, we strive to ensure the quality of those products by responding appropriately to customer requirements, focusing on priority issues, and thoroughly implementing the PDCA process.

Health and Safety

  We strive to prevent accidents and disasters caused by human error, eliminate accidents and disasters associated with construction work and secure the trust of the construction industry, which is responsible for the development of social infrastructure. We strengthen communication among related parties, and create a safe and comfortable work environment in which people, machines, and equipment safely co-exist.

Environmental Protection 

     We promote the development of technologies that contribute to the conservation of the environment and sustainable development. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, aiming for a low-carbon society, a resource-recycling society, and a society that exists in harmony with nature.


See the map below to find us!


Iwate-ken, Tono-shi, Kimago-cho, Itazawa 9-19-1
Phone:0198-65-3032 Fax:0198-65-3324

Morioka Sales Office

Iwate-ken, Morioka-shi, Teshiromori 14-16-118
Phone:019-601-2751 Fax:019-601-2752